The Center prioritizes promotion of healthy vaginal delivery through exercises and nutrition guidance. Doulas are from the non-medical background who provide support to women and families in various birth situations and parenting choices. They work alongside midwives and doctors, offering balanced information to help women make informed decisions about their maternity care. Birth doulas provide continuous support during pregnancy, labor, and postnatal periods. Postnatal doulas offer flexible practical and emotional support at home. Doulas are available to listen, answer questions, help with birth plans, and provide assistance throughout the process. Benefits include increased likelihood of natural birth, reduced pain, lower chances of cesarean birth, enhanced birth satisfaction, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care guidance. The Benefits of Doula: • Continuous support during pregnancy, labor, and postnatal periods • Assistance in making informed decisions about maternity care • Emotional and practical support • Balanced information and guidance • Increased likelihood of natural birth • Reduced pain during labor • Lower chances of cesarean birth • Enhanced birth satisfaction • Support in initiating breastfeeding • Postpartum care and guidance.
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Staff Training


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Nurse Reintegration Training

The main objective of this program was to strengthen the health services and workforce to improve th ...