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Who We Are 

While we were little girls our dream was to see our society accept and respect women as valuable, effective, precious members, and give them space to express themselves. We worked hard to make this dream happen, and we found it more fruitful when we put our energy to work together in a group. We worked as a team to promote our dream in different ways. We scaled up our work and ended up in 2015, registering as an NGO Women for better healthy life (WFBH).

Our Vision

All women have access to social, educational, and health activities that are offered in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our Mission 

We work towards the education and wellbeing of women and girls to have a better community. We aim to create a space to be happy to make the whole society happy and dissolve the gender binary. 

Our Values  

We believe that women are the roots of a healthy and happy society and aim to become a symbol of  unity and solidarity to enhance social cohesion in the region.