The walkathon was organized on the 7th of November 2018 at the University of Duhok along with the Preventive Directorate and funded by GIZ. Participants included students from various different colleges, Dean of the University, teachers of the university, staff of WFBH, members of the Directorate of Health (DoH) and media personnel. The walk was flagged off from the College of basic education.. More than 100 students participated in this event. They wore special shirts with message of fighting breast cancer and held pinkballoons. The walk ended with the group assembling at the conference hall in the student center.The seminar was kicked off with speeches from the DoH representatives. It was followed by a video about the activities of the Weh women’s center was displayed. A specialist from the Directorate of Health Prevention Affairs, Dr Sanna, presented an educational seminar on early detection and breast self-examination. ). Dr. Gunnar Strote, head of GIZ Health Program, gave a speech on the need for preventive detection and informed the audience regarding the arrival of the mammography machine at the Weh Center in 2019. Women from all ages and backgrounds can access these preventive services at the Weh Center. Various other materials in the form of leaflets, shirts, and special necklaces were distributed to raise awareness.

رووپیڤانەک بۆ ھوشیاریا پەنچەشێرا مەمکی ھاتە کرن

رووپیڤانەک بۆ ھوشیاریا پەنچەشێرا مەمکی ھاتە کرنSenter Weeh

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