Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars

The seminars were given by specialist doctors from the Directorate of Health Preventive Affairs Duhok. Participants were interested and interactive. The seminars included practical illustrations and explanations about breast self-examination.


  • Biological sciences
  • Law and political sciences
  • Private technical institute
  • Cihan private university (English, economic and computer sciences departments) 
  • Basic education (sciences, history, English, and Kurdish departments)
  • Health sciences (medical laboratory, anesthesia departments)
  • Physics and mathematics sciences
  • Nursing
  • Geology
  • Human sciences


  • Zuzak school
  • Gulan school
  • Awaz school
  • Duhok school
  • Rezan school
  • Malta school


  • Health promotion workers of camps
  • Workers of Beauty Salons