The Toxoplasmosis has serious effects on pregnant women

The Toxoplasmosis has serious effects on pregnant women 
Women for Better Healthy Life (WEH Center), in collaboration with the Department of Health Prevantion affairs and supported by GIZ, held a seminar about Toxoplasmosis presented by Dr. Akram Mohamed Mustafa, a pediatric specialist who talked about the Toxoplasmosis and the causes of the disease and how to prevent it.
He pointed out that Toxoplasmosis is one of the parasitic diseases and that there are pathogens which transmit this infection to humans, including
1-Touching the feces of cats during cleaning
2-Eating raw meat or non-cooked well
3- The use of pots or cutting boards that did not have cleaned well
He mentioned that symptoms of Toxoplasmosis are similar to flu symptoms. And if the mother has the disease,in most cases it ends with miscarriage. Even if the fetus remains, it will leds to postpartum problems such as( convulsions, enlarged liver and spleen, Jaundice , retinal injury which leads to inflammation).
He also mentioned how to protect ourselves from the disease:
1. Use gloves while handling raw meat and avoid eating it unless cooked well
2. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating and preferably remove the outer shell
3. Wear gloves and face masks while dealing with cats
4. Pregnant or pregnant women who raise cats should check for anti-toxoplasmosis in the blood.
5- Meat cutting board should not be the same for cutting vegtables 
6-Cleaning the hands well , after finishing cleaning the garden 

And the treatment is ,taking pyrimethanmin and Suphadiazine.