Each year approximately 188 women get diagnosed with breast cancer in Duhok

{:en}Breast cancer is the most common cancer ,each year nearly 188 women get infected of this disease in Dohuk and since the real cause of this disease is not defined so far … meaning we are all exposed to the disease. Therefore, we must need to know preventive methods for this disease, as follows:

1. Avoid weight gain
2. A healthy diet
3. Walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days per week
4. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
5. Breastfeeding for children
6. Not taking hormones after menopause without consulting the doctor

The most important point in the early detection of breast cancer is (the periodic inspection of the breast), which is done in three ways:

1. Medical examination or clinical (which the doctor examines the breast for women), which starts from the age of twenty and above.
2. examination by Mammography (X-ray machine, to detect small lumps in the breast) and women take do this examination from the age of forty and above.
3. breast self-examination (this examination carried out by woman herself at home monthly)
96 percent of women who have breast cancer and discover it in the initial stages of the disease, completely survive from the disease within five years by following the steps outlined above.{:}{:ar}